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Dental veneers are a great option to enhance or create a new smile

Before dental veneers are done, the teeth and gums are examined to make sure they are healthy enough to treat.

We gather information about the type of smile you envision and discuss the desire shape, shade and features that would make your smile ideal to you. This may involve taking molds of your teeth and applying “wax” to the resulting models to give you and idea of how things will look before we even prepare the teeth.

The process involves gently removing 1-2mm of enamel from your teeth and reshaping them to make room for placement of the dental veneers.

We then take a mold of the prepared teeth and make temporary veneers which you will have for a short period of time while our talented ceramist fabricates the veneers out of dental porcelain.

We bond the veneers on the teeth and adjust them to make sure that your teeth are properly adjusted to your new smile.



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