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Teeth Whitening

Why Teeth Discolor

Chemicals in foods, beverages, tobacco use can change the color of your teeth as well as the effects of aging or trauma. Certain medications, excessive fluoride, and previous dental work may also cause discoloration or stain on teeth as well.

Whitening Options

While there are several options for tooth whitening, a thorough examination can help us determine what option is best for whitening your smile.

At-Home Whitening

At-home whitening involves us creating a clear, customized bleaching trays for you to whiten at home. The professional-grade at-home whitening solution usually contains around a 10 percent carbamide peroxide solution. A small amount of gel is placed in your custom mouth trays and worn for 30 minutes twice a day. You may notice whiter teeth almost immediately, but the most dramatic results will appear after one to two weeks of daily treatments.

Over-the-Counter Whitening

You can also purchase home use whiteners over the counter. While there are so many on the market, most of these products are not as effective as the bleaching methods available in our office but if you are interested in knowing more or about what we recommend, we would happy to assist you.

Whitening Toothpastes

If your teeth are sensitive to bleaching, we may recommend a whitening toothpaste. These contain chemical or polishing agents to gently remove stains from the surface of your teeth. While your teeth won’t be as white as if you used a bleaching system, whitening toothpaste is safe, easy to use, and can be purchased over the counter.



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