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Dental Exams for Children

The Canadian Dental Association recommends The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommends a first dental visit within the first year (12 months). This helps to identify any early signs of cavities and it helps to familiarize and encourage the development of a positive relationship with our office.

Some parents may wonder “Why cavities need to be treated on baby teeth if they are going to fall out?”. The answer is that some baby teeth can stay in a child's mouth for up to 12 years and early detection and treatment of cavities on baby teeth is important for preventing infections and preventing space loss for the permanent tooth when it comes in. Toothaches and infections resulting from untreated cavities in primary (baby) teeth can affect the developing permanent adult tooth underneath as we as affect a child’s health and well-being; sometimes resulting in malocclusion (crooked teeth), lost sleep, poor growth and nutrition and behavioural problems.


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